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Gym Etiquette

January 16, 2018

2. Leave winter outdoors.

In order to help protect the equipment and keep it up and running for you, we ask that you change your shoes prior to working out.  This will keep all the salt and sand off the equipment. 

3. Allow others to work in.

It is not polite to sit on machines for long periods of time.  Be aware of your surroundings and allow others to work in.  Walk around between sets rather than sitting on a machine, it burns more calories.

4. Re-rack, put away and be respectful.

Not everyone can lift the amount of weight you do.  Be proud of your accomplishments, but help the next person out by putting your weights away.  Also, if you use small equipment put it back in the room you found it in. 

5. We hear you now.

Only use your cell phone in lobby areas.  We know you want to get your workout in and at times other things come up that require you to use your phone.  We provide a lot of real estate in our open lobby areas for you to take the call or text.   Please do so in designated lobby areas only.  This means do not sit on a machine and talk or text.  Do not use your phone in the locker room, pool area, fitness floor, group fitness areas. 

6. Ticket System

Do you take cycling or Bodypump?  If so, in order to secure your space, we require you to get a ticket at the front desk up to 30 minutes prior to class.  Without this ticket you will not be able to ensure you have a space for the class. 

7. Class room time

If you take a class, please be on time.  Entering a class late is very disruptive to all participants.  Please only use the entrance to enter into a class.  Be courteous and respectful to other participants. 

8. Coats, hats and bags, and smells oh my…

Winter time brings extra gear.  We ask that you please utilize our lockers in the locker room to place your belongings.  It is important to lock up your belongings.  We provide locks for sale at the front desk.  Do not bring your bags, coats, hats etc… out onto the fitness floor or exercise spaces.  This creates a safety risk and is a problem for other members.  On a more sensitive note, please refrain from using heavy smelling perfumes.  Other members often suffer from your choice to overload on your favorite scent.  Many have allergies and sensitivities so please be kind to their noses.

9. Parking

You are coming in to workout and get some exercise.  We recognize that parking in our prime location on the water is not ideal.  However, we do in fact offer ample parking.  It just means a little walking prior to your workout.  There is a large lot on Old Taughannock Blvd.  Please utilize this space if you are able walk across the street.  We also partner with Chemung Canal who has graciously offered spots in their lot for your use.  Please do not utilize the few spots closest to bank during bank operating hours where signs are located for their customer use.  Please do not use spaces designated for Rasa, Physical Therapy and the medical offices in the facility as these spots are designated for those purposes only.  If you are able to walk a short distance as a brief warm-up please do so.  Be respectful of your fellow members who have limitations and allow them first opportunity to park in our lot.

10. Enjoy!

We are here to provide you with an outstanding experience in the club.  If everyone follows the rules/etiquette it makes a better place for all of us.  Island Health & Fitness team thanks you for your cooperation and consideration.  Enjoy your workouts and the great results you achieve!



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