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General Manager’s Message

August 16, 2018

As summer comes to a close, we look forward to welcoming in the beauty of fall and all the activities that Ithaca has to offer.  We are pleased to have had another successful summer refresh, to include maintenance/repairs and new equipment in both clubs over the first part of 2018.


  • New group fitness floor
  • New carpeting throughout locker rooms
  • New Expresso Bikes


  • New Assault treadmill
  • New Tour De France Bikes
  • Regrouting of showers and hot tub at Downtown, painting in some areas


As we head into fall, our team continues to strive to provide you with the best experience each and every time you come to Island Health & Fitness.  We recognize that your experience with us is often contingent upon your interactions with other members throughout the club.  I often hear about your concerns and am asked if we could post signs or provide our members with more information regarding gym etiquette and expected behaviors.  You will notice that we do provide general rules upon joining the facility in your contract, as well as post signage with rules in the club.  In order to better your experience and that of others in the club, I am providing you with some ways in which you can make a difference.  We thank you for helping us provide a great experience for all members!


Gym Etiquette: 


  • refrain from using your cell phone while on the gym floor, on cardio equipment, in the group fitness rooms or locker rooms; you are welcome to use it while in our lobby areas
  • wipe down your equipment following use
  • re-rack your weights
  • wait for your class instructor to allow you into the room when a class is going on prior to your class and enter through the designated door
  • be courteous to other members by allowing them to work in on machines; refrain from taking over machines for long periods of time
  • pick up after yourself in all areas of the club to allow for other members to enjoy their experience
  • wear proper footwear during exercise on the gym floor




Christine Cummings

General Manager

Island Health & Fitness


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