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October FitRewards Challenge: Lateral Box Jump

October 1, 2018

Box Jumps Rationale for inclusion: This test is a measure of muscular strength and anaerobic endurance specific to skiing.


Box: Male and Female in the age groups of 14-55 will use a stepper with 2 risers. Others in the age groups (56+) will use just a stepper.


Methodology: The test is performed as 60 seconds of maximum jumping.


Box Jump Protocol:

• A box (or with 2 risers) is chosen

• To start, the athlete stands on top of the box, waiting for a count down from 3 to 1.

• The timer shouts “go” and starts the stopwatch simultaneously

• The athlete jumps to one side of the box and on to the ground. The athlete jumps laterally back and forth over the box, landing on the middle of the box and facing the same way for the entire duration of the test.

• Each time the athlete lands on top of the box, one jump is recorded.

• Athletes feet should be facing forward and in line with the box upon landing


Specific Warm-up: Athlete should perform 2-3 trials at increasing intensity prior to performing this test, doing 3-4 jumps each time.


Scoring: The number of jumps are counted and recorded for 60 seconds.

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