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Trainer Tips with Julia Roetzer

May 3, 2019

Improving your balance:

Try unilateral exercises. Exercises, such as calf raises, sit-to-stands, and romanian dead lifts, when done on one side can help improve any muscular imbalances you may have. It is fairly common for people to have a side that is stronger that the other.

Narrow your base of support. When your feet are wider apart you have an easier time balancing. Exercises such a heel-to-toe walking or even standing on one foot will keep your support more narrow and will challenge your balance. If these become too simple for you try exercises that bring more of your body weight farther from your base, the Y-Balance test is a great example.

Change your surface. Have you ever heard that hiking is good for your balance? It’s because the variation in surface requires more ankle stability and proprioception. Using a balance board or practicing standing or stepping on a bosu-ball, foam pad, or folded up mat are ways to change your surface and challenge your balance.

Some of these techniques can even be combined to be made more challenging.

Proceed with CAUTION. If you currently have existing balance issues or you are not confident with a new balance exercise make sure you have something to hold on to in case of falls.

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