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Member Prospective: Dare to Lose With Sarah Jane Blake

April 29, 2015

Dare to Lose Brochure

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a while or recent events have sent your waistline spinning out of control, you may not know how to get back on the right track. This is where Island Health & Fitness’ Dare to Lose program comes into help.


Sarah Jane Blake had an Island membership off and on, but it wasn’t until she noticed a poster at our Cayuga Heights location that her commitment to fitness finally stuck.


“I had just joined the Community Corners location again and I saw a poster that had Macye (Fitzpatrick) on it,” Blake said “I knew Macye for a few years ago and saw how much better she looked from taking the class and said ‘I’m signing up.’ I wouldn’t have made the progress I have if it weren’t for Dare to Lose. It’s helped me expand from just going (to Island) on Tuesday & Friday for the class to working out on other days.”


Since then, Dare to Lose has been what keeps Blake coming back to Island. When the next round of Dare to Lose starts on May 5 it will be her third time taking the class. Many people take the class multiple times to continue their path to their fitness goals.


For a lot people who take the class like Sarah Jane, one of the biggest things Dare to Lose provides is structure. The class meets every Tuesday and Friday from 5:30-7 p.m. at our Downtown location.  Another reason why people who take the class have success is the support system it creates.


“I’ve known Nikki (Bonanni, the personal trainer who runs the class) for a while and her support is really great,” Blake said. “I don’t know if I could do it without the other people in the class and the instructors. If I had to de  scribe Dare to Lose in one word would be supportive.”


Dare to Lose classes can range from individual workouts to circuit training to team competitions. Sessions are tailored to each participant’s needs and physical abilities. Participants can get a copy of their workouts so they can repeat them on the days they are not attending the class.


A recent addition to the class is the use of a Fitbit, a device that tracks an individual’s activity. The Fitbit records the activity and syncs it with a website where each participant can see their activity and their classmates’ activity.


“When you’re not at the class you can look on the site and see Mayce did a lot of walking today so I’m going to get a couple extra miles in,” Blake added. “It helps keep you connected when you’re not in the class.”


If you’re interested in Dare to Lose, click here for more information or stop by the front desk of either location.  

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