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Trainer Tips with Nikki Bonanni

September 13, 2019

Gone are the old school days of “stretch before you exercise”. That is not to say you shouldn’t warm up though. The current fitness knowledge tells us that the best warm up is a DYNAMIC one. A dynamic warm up is a moving warm up, often using movements that mimic the activity you are going to perform for your workout. It includes linear and lateral movements, and for some people can feel like a workout in itself. Some examples can include walking and lateral lunges, ‘monster or Frankenstein walk’, arm circles, inchworms, ‘Hurdle walk’ both forward and backwards, some easy pushups, jumping jacks, and many more. You can google many of these or ‘dynamic warm up exercises’ to get some visuals, and ask the trainer on the floor to demonstrate.

Static stretching, or what we all think of as ‘regular stretching’, should be done after a workout to help increase flexibility and range of motion, and prevent you from getting tight after using your muscles. These stretches are held for 20-40 seconds at a time and often repeated. You can also do static stretches any time during the day to work on flexibility, especially if you tend to not be very flexible.

There is always an exception to every rule. If you’ve had a muscle injury or you are extremely tight in a particular area, you can do some gentle static stretching in addition to the dynamic warm up before you exercise to prevent further injury.

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