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Trainer Tips with Joe Peterson

October 1, 2019

Circulation. Your cognition is improved and maintained by a healthy circulatory system. Exercise, especially aerobic based exercise, helps to increase your heart rate and improve circulation to your brain. Increased circulation to your brain will help you process information faster and more accurately, leading to faster reaction times. Get on the rowing machine and row away for at least 10 minutes daily or incorporate HIIT exercises at least 2-3 times a week.

Flexibility. When flexibility in your muscles is decreased, they become rigid and are unable to respond to signals sent from your brain in a fluid and efficient manner. This negatively affects your response time as your body compensates for the rigidity in your muscles by limiting your range and speed of motion, often times to prevent injury and strain. Exercise techniques that incorporate stretching, such as yoga, increase your muscle flexibility and contribute to overall responsiveness. Your muscles will be able to react to stimuli with fluidity and accuracy; factors that contribute to improving your reaction time. Take up a yoga or Laura’s BodyFlow class 2-3 times a week or stretch daily after doing any aerobic exercises.

Strength.  The stronger your muscles, the more energy they will be able to exert over a given period of time. If your muscles are too weak to perform a particular task for an extended period, your movements will become slower to compensate for decreased energy levels. Performing strengthening exercises that incorporate movements similar to the task you perform can assist in ensuring that your muscles maintain a high enough energy level to continually react to stimuli with quickness and accuracy. Grab a trainer and ask him/her to help you set up a program to incorporate strength training that will compliment with your training regimen.

Power. Power is your muscles' ability to exert maximum energy for a given task in the shortest amount of time. This is important in sports such as sprinting; where having a high-energy output relates to your reaction to stimuli, such as the starting gun sound. When your muscles are exercised to produce energy at high rates in short periods, they develop a higher rate of energy expenditure. Performing explosive exercises such as squat jumps, cleans, or ball slams will provide your muscles with the energy training they require to make quick and efficient responses, improving your reaction time. It would be a good idea to join a boxing class that we offer at Community Corners location to work on your power or ask your trainer to show some power exercises and add it to your program.

Once you work on the four factors, you will definitely protect your car and your appearance. You will thank yourself some day!

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