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Mud, Sweat & Cheers III Station Preview: Sled Drag

May 6, 2015

Leading up to Saturday’s Mud, Sweat & Cheers III, sponsored by Cayuga Medical Center, we’re previewing the five stations that await the competitors during the Extreme Fitness Challenge. The third station is Sled Drag.


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Station #3: Sled Drag

Sponsored by: The Computing Center


With their arms on fire from Rope Burn, each team will continue their run along the Cayuga Lake Waterfront trail around Cass Park then turn south towards the Cass Park Ice Rink where they will encounter the third station. Where Station 2 took a toll on the competitor’s arms, Station 3 (Sled Drag) goes after the legs.


Each team member must complete a 60-meter down and back walking lunge course, followed by 100 mountain climbers. The station gets its name from the 90-pound sled that each competitor must pull 30 meters down and 30 meters back through a series of cones.


With their legs on fire, teams will start their run back towards Island Health & Fitness on their way to Station #4.


Chris Bordoni was an active, physically fit Ithaca High School graduate who joined the Marine Corps to fulfill his passion for service to his community and country. Tragically, Corporal Bordoni lost his life from injuries sustained in Afghanistan while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.


All proceeds from Mud, Sweat & Cheer III go to the Bordoni Trailhead on the Cayuga Lake Waterfront Trail and the Chris Bordoni Scholarship at Ithaca High School. 

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