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March Trainer Tip

March 10, 2016

The Cardiac Benefits of Resistance Training


"Resistance training is more beneficial than many believe," says lead researcher, Dr. Scott R. Collier. Many people are aware of the strength benefits associated with resistance training; however, there are several cardiac benefits as well. A common misconception is that resistance training is only for strengthening your muscles, but in case you forgot the heart is a muscle too!

Research has found that resistance training has been linked to a longer lasting drop in blood pressure post exercise (when compared to those individuals who only did cardio training).

The American Heart Association recommends that the average person does resistance training two to three times a week for overall health and to reduce the risk of heart disease and other heart related risk factors.

We are able to strengthen our muscles via resistance training which in turn strengthens our hearts. The stronger our muscles are the less demand is placed on the heart. This allows the lungs to process more oxygen, the heart to pump more blood with fewer beats, and the blood supply to the muscles increases. So the next time you come into the gym why not try adding some resistance training into your routine. Your muscles and heart will thank you! 

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