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June 10, 2016

Island Health & Fitness Member Spotlight

Name: Mark Rich

IHF Member Since: 4/2015

Occupation (former occupation if retired): Receiver - Trumansburg Shursave


I started coming to Island because: 

I am diabetic and was put on insulin because oral medications were not keeping my sugar within limits. I asked the doctor if there was a way to get off insulin and she told me diet and exercise.  Island Health & Fitness had a free workout week for seniors and my wife who is a member asked me if I wanted to go down and try it.  I tried it and became a member after that trial week.   I met one of your trainers, Julie, several times and she set me up with a cardio routine and a muscle strengthening routine.  I have been coming down 3-5 times per week since joining and in

April 2016 had a doctor’s appointment and my A1C was down to 6.1 from 10.1 in December 2014.  I am no longer on insulin injections.  I will continue my dietary changes and workout routines at Island Health & Fitness, not only to keep from going back on insulin, but because I have come to enjoy and look forward to my workouts.


My exercise routine at Island is: 

I alternate between a cardio workout that includes several different cardio machines (usually 3-4 times per week) and a muscle strengthening routine (1-2 times per week) using nine various machines.


My favorite part of being a member at Island is: 

Meeting new people and the satisfaction of a good workout and knowing I am helping to become more healthy.


When I’m not working out at Island I like to: 

Camp with my family and friends, do yardwork and go on walks with my yellow lab, Bella.  I will soon be retiring and will enjoy coming to the gym, and volunteering at the SPCA.


Tell us something about yourself that most people would not know: 

I worked for an independent telephone company for 34 years before retiring and going to work at the Trumansburg Shursave. I am an avid Yankee and Giants fan and enjoy going to minor league baseball games with my son.

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