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March Trainer Tip

March 11, 2015

Spring clean your fitness routine
From Maria Treen

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Spring clean your fitness routine

  1. Plan out a schedule: but be realistic and post your exercise plan in a place you will look at frequently such as your planner, smartphone, or at your desk at work.
  2. Team up with a friend; choose a friend with similar goals as you
  3. Clean out your pantry: Box of chocolates saved from,Valentines Day, chips, sugary drinks/cereals, cookies, bread, etc. can be tossed out of your new healthy lifestyle.
  4. Pump up your playlist: Download some new music and replace it with some older tunes you've been listening to!
  5. Add an outdoor activity to your exercise plan: such as jump roping, walking lunges, or jumping jacks, a mile run
  6. Check out the farmers market: incorporate some fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Find something you have never tried before!
  7. Sign up for a race: Adding positive goals to your routine will give you an incentive to sticking to your plan and once you reach those goals you will feel great

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