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Trainer Tip September

September 2, 2016

Did you know that September has two very important health awareness days? September 28th is National Women's Health & Fitness Day and September 29 is World Heart Day!

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but more women than men die from it each year.  This may be due to an increased cluster of risk factors called "Metabolic Syndrome" that is more prevalent among older women than men.  These risk factors include obesity (especially around the abdomen), high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes and physical inactivity.  Of all the risk factors, physical inactivity is the most prevalent.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), " More than 60 percent of women do not meet current recommendations for physical activity, with more than 25 percent of women doing no regular physical activity."  Increasing the amount of exercise we do is the lifestyle change most likely to have far-reaching consequences in the  prevention of heart disease.

It is crucial to understand what these physical activity recommendations are for ourselves, and to bring awareness and encouragement of movement to our family, friends, and neighbors.   

The American Heart Association recommends the following: 

For Overall Cardiovascular Health:

  • At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week for a total of 150

  • At least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a total of 75 minutes; or a combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity

  • Moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 days per week for additional health benefits.

For Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  • An average 40 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity 3 or 4 times per week

Everyone has to start somewhere, whether it's just getting into the gym, or improving your routine to meet the national guidelines.  Our nationally certified exercise physiologists and personal trainers can help design a safe routine for you to follow.

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